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Its Education Thinker website for every students. Learn Smart and become Smart


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Our Team

We have been providing Online free test and Animation video with quality Teachers. coming soon education big service...

Dnyanesh Vijagat


I am founder of emartguruji education foundation ,website developer and primary Teacher of Government of Maharashtra Zp School.I am interest in education technology and innovation resource

Rujuta Ohal

Content Developer

I am high educator and supporter of esmartguruji education foundation. I am interest in Pre Primary education and computational thinking.

-: Resume :-
Dnyaneshwar Vijagat- Techno Teacher
Online Workshop = 32
Online Speaker Webinar = 7
Total Award = 21 award for great work in education
Total offline Workshop = 27
Shalashiddi State Master Trainner
Total Shalashidi Offline Workshop = 49
Education Artical = 7
Tag Teacher Leader (for English )
Website Developer
State Master Trainer (MOT)
Participant in National Level Workshop NCERT Delhi.
Think Tank Member of ZP Solapur
VFT with Foreign Teachers= 9
Video Editor
Animation Creater

Our story

Hello, My Ideal Teachers  and dear Studens,Devotion is performed in this holy land of God Vitthal, which is known as Dakshin Kashi like Pandharpur. In the same land, eSmartGuruji has created this website for the benefit of all in Maharashtra Marathi students and teachers, with the aim of uplifting all children with the help of modern technology with the aim of imparting what I have and spreading the word to the other side. I am very happy to publish this site eSmartGuruji.com because it is my small effort to make effective use of technology and innovation and to provide technical assistance to teachers while doing the sacred work of enlightenment.

You are all computer literate but I am sure you will find important tips from this site in case of any difficulty in using technology in teaching. The name of e smartguruji.com  the site has been given so that all the eSmartGuruji in Maharashtra can be availed.

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